Top Benefits of an All-in-One Digital Marketing Platform for Lawyers

Digital Marketing Platform for Lawyers
Top Benefits of an All-in-One Digital Marketing Platform for Lawyers
April 1st, 2021

Lead generation isn’t just for people “in sales.” In today’s market, law firms must establish a reliable pipeline of quality leads. An all-in-one digital marketing platform for lawyers helps your firm attract new clients using a high-quality lead generation process.

If you’re like the average law firm, you rely on referrals and word-of-mouth advertising to deliver your next client. This is a traditional and effective marketing approach, but it’s not enough. Not anymore.

Your firm can jump-start growth and sustain long-term success when implementing a platform that pairs targeted digital marketing with efficient legal lead generation. Here’s how.

All-in-One Digital Marketing Platform for Lawyers

1. Expand Your Firm’s Reach

The first step in any sales funnel is awareness. People can’t benefit from your expert services if they don’t know you exist or how to connect with you. This is why digital marketing for lawyers is a must-have tool in your arsenal. The Legal Helpers provides a platform that promotes your law firm and makes your services available to people who are actively seeking what you offer.

Effective digital marketing connects you with prospective clients outside your existing base and beyond the reach of your organic website traffic. In other words, you gain access to leads who wouldn’t have found you otherwise. This type of efficiency is best accomplished through an all-in-one digital marketing platform.

Digital Marketing for Lawyers

2. Receive More Targeted Leads

Expert-level marketing platforms like The Legal Helpers can customize the lead generation process and provide media-buying services to attract more of your ideal clients. This ensures your message connects with people whose needs best align with your services and pricing.

Targeted digital marketing is far more efficient and yields a higher return on investment than blanket advertising. A digital platform identifies prospects in your target audience and connects them with your law firm. Targeted Digital Marketing for Lawyers

Connect With Prequalified, ‘Warm’ Leads

3. Connect With Prequalified, ‘Warm’ Leads

Not everyone within your target audience is a right fit for your firm, and following up with dead-end leads is a huge drain on your time. Therefore, even an effective digital marketing platform must further vet incoming leads.
The Legal Helpers employs an intake team to manage the qualification process. Each lead must pass prescreening and answer our 15 verification questions before sending you a warm transfer call.

Focus Your Attention on Your Cases

4. Focus Your Attention on Your Cases

More than likely, your passion isn’t marketing, and your time is better spent elsewhere. That’s why a marketing platform becomes one of a law firm’s greatest assets.

For most lawyers, marketing and lead generation are a time-consuming hassle. Even if you have a commendable strategy in place, it’s likely taking more of your time than you’d like. And while outsourcing is a good plan, you’ll want to ensure you’re investing in a service that harnesses the power of digital marketing to deliver actionable leads.

Deliver Actionable Leads with Digital Marketing Automation

5. Requires No Up-Front Payments

The refund process is traditionally complicated and slow. But with a platform like the one offered by The Legal Helpers, you pay only for qualified leads as they come into your dashboard. In addition, since our prescreening and qualification processes are so effective, the number of lead rejections will be minimal.

However, it’s processed within 24 hours through your lead management dashboard if you require a refund. When any questions or issues arise, you’ll have access to your dedicated account management team, available 24/7.

Reduce Lead Rejections for Lawyers

Ready To Start Your Free Trial?

If you’re ready to develop a pipeline of highly qualified leads without a hefty time investment, you can start a free trial with The Legal Helpers. Find out what it’s like to have an all-in-one digital marketing platform working on behalf of your law firm.
Rather than paying one company for marketing services while also spending money on a separate lead service, you can choose to optimize your investment with smarter digital marketing.

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