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The US legal system is complex for many people. A large portion of the population does not understand their rights and the treatment they are entitled to. In fact, according to a survey conducted by the American Bar Association, 57% of people facing legal problems in 2017 and 2018 did not pursue their cases legally. This does not have to be the case with you. The Legal Helpers is here to educate and empower you to fight injustice irrespective of how mighty your opponent may be. We are dedicated to finding you the legal expertise and guidance suited to your case and needs.
With a rapidly expanding directory of attorneys, the Legal Helpers is an extensive nationwide hub for lawyers with expertise in varying practice areas. Through the network, we have already helped more than 15,700 people who needed legal assistance.
What Does the Platform Offer?
It’s Completely Free
The platform is completely free. You do not have to pay anything to become a part of the Legal Helpers network or to use its directory of attorneys.
Free Case Evaluations*
Our experts will provide you with a free case assessment and will help you understand the compensation or outcome you can expect.
No Hassle of Interviewing and Finding Attorneys
The Legal Helpers will match you with the best attorney based on your location and case requirements. Once you are signed up to the platform, our team will immediately connect you to the best attorney for your case.
Two of the core values of the US Department Of Justice are delivering equal and impartial justice and provide each American citizen access to justice. We uphold the principles and aim to bridge the gap between legal needs and services by helping Americans connect with expert attorneys. We believe in the American spirit of justice for all and want to help people get the justice they deserve. If you are looking for any legal assistance, fill out the form provided alongside and choose the area that matches your requirements. We will get in touch with you and explain the next steps in the process.
* Free case evaluations are only offered for personal injury cases

What Our Customers Say

5000+ Happy Customers

I turned to the Legal Helpers for finding me the right attorney when my daughter was involved in a car accident. With not a lot of witnesses around the site of the accident, it was really hard to prove that heavy snowfall was the reason behind the occurrence of the unfortunate event. We found the perfect attorney for the case on the Legal Helpers who guided us throughout the course of the process and helped us prove our innocence in court.
- Hannah B.
A terrible injury at my workplace left me temporarily disabled. My employer’s insurance policy was not enough to support my bills and the rehabilitation process. I found out about the Legal Helpers and it helped me find a seasoned personal injury lawyer who understood the intricacies and complexities of my case. In no time, I was provided the compensation I was entitled to receive. The platform helped me get more than what I had expected and enabled me to get back on my feet.
- Alexander L.
I was severely injured during a car accident and underwent a serious surgery. My condition restricted me from running behind lawyers and constantly following up with them and so I turned to the Legal Helpers. The platform helped me find the best lawyer in the business from the comfort of my home. He helped me quickly get my insurance claims and saved me and my family from the painful times that could have followed with me being the sole breadwinner for the house. I highly recommend the platform to anyone seeking any kind of legal advice.
- Eric S.
After having my social security insurance disability claim rejected twice, I decided to seek legal counsel with the procedure. With Legal Helpers, I found the perfect lawyer to handle my complicated case which involved the international totalization law. The Legal Helpers finally helped me win the insurance which now is being used to raise my family. I would recommend the platform to anyone who is seeking any kind of legal help or consultation.
- Craig G.
The changing immigration policies threatened my family’s stay in the country and we were forced to go to a trial at court. With every lawyer denying my case due to the complexity and risk involved, I turned to Legal Helpers to find me the legal assistance and guidance required for the case. I was connected to an expert and diligent lawyer in no time who not only prevented my family from getting deported but also helped us file for citizenship.
- Sarah A.
When I was separating from my wife of 10 years, we entered an intense argument over who will get the custody of our two sons. The quarrel soon translated into a court trial and I took to the Legal Helpers to aid me in finding the right help. I found the perfect divorce attorney on the platform who helped me win the case in court and the custody of my children. It’s a user-friendly platform to find legal help efficiently and hassle-free.
- Heather S.
I was wrongfully accused and charged with theft and vandalism by the state. My case was complicated and I needed a seasoned lawyer to help me prove my innocence in court. The Legal Helpers came to my rescue and helped me find an expert criminal defense lawyer who got the state court to overturn their decision against me.
- Amy S.
I hurt my back while at my job and was temporary disabled. My family quickly went out to seek professional help through the Legal Helpers platform. The platform helped us zero down on the best in the business. We found a seasoned workers compensation attorney who in a few weeks’ time helped me get my rightful compensation from my employer and prevented me from settling down with lesser indemnification.
- Chris B.
The Legal Helpers was recommended to me by a friend who had found the right attorney on the platform when he was in a DUI fix himself. Legal Helpers helped me find a seasoned DUI attorney with an eye for detail and world-class professionalism. Thanks to the Legal Helpers my DUI charges were dismissed and my peace of mind was restored.
- Marie L.