The Legal Helpers is a platform built to connect lawyers and people in need of legal help. It connects people with the best lawyers available locally or statewide based on their legal requirements. The Legal Helpers guarantees to provide authentic, eligible information to both parties. To ensure the lawyer gets the best information, the legal client provides essential information: type of injury, the injured party’s name, contact information, and if they were hospitalized, required medical treatment, surgery, missed time from work, and the type of injury sustained. At The Legal Helpers, we also guarantee the year of the injury to be within the statute of limitations.

A platform to obtain professional legal advice:

The most important factor when in need of legal advice is information. Books, online groups, websites are great places to start researching your legal problem. Bar associations and non-profit communities could help with some basic advice and outline the first steps of action. However, not all legal questions can be answered by free online information, and sometimes you require a solution tailored to your particular problem. A legal professional can only provide this solution. That’s the time to seek professional legal help and consult a lawyer. On The Legal Helpers, professional lawyers with the ability to take on challenging cases are available to provide valuable legal advice through chats and calls.

A platform to expand your practice:

LegalHelpers is a leading network website for lawyers and clients seeking legal advice. We help you expand your practice by connecting you with people in need of legal advice.

Our key features:

  • Real-time legal leads emailed to you, filtered by practice and location
  • Each lead is connected with one lawyer only
  • Flexible plan options available
  • Platform solution to promptly connect with the clients
  • Return policy available
  • Click to call feature and a branded auto-responder to engage consumers immediately.


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