Is Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer Worth the Money?

Is Hiring A Car Accident Lawyer Worth The Money?
Is Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer Worth the Money?
February 4th, 2020

Being in a car accident can not only be traumatic but can also bring chaos and confusion into your life. The first question to pop up in your mind is whether it is a good idea to go to court? It could become difficult for you to make sense of what is at stake. Certain factors that can help you in determining whether you need to hire a lawyer are:

The Severity of the Injuries

If you have suffered a severe injury or there were one or more deaths due to the car crash, then you should call a car accident lawyer right away. Cases that involve severe harm, bodily injuries, or deaths may result in multiple lawsuits requiring the expertise of a legal professional. In case of severe injuries, you can file a personal injury claim to receive compensation for medical expenses incurred due to the accident. On the other hand, you can also come under fire and face a wrongful death or personal injury counterclaim from the other party. There are various legal aspects and conditions the court considers while ruling a judgment in such cases. If you choose to represent yourself in such scenarios, you can potentially set yourself up for huge damages. However, a car accident lawyer will help you determine the right compensation you deserve, defend your interests against serious counterclaims, and guide you at each step of the legal process. 

Generally, most car accident lawyers offer free consultations, and there is no harm in scheduling a case review with a legal professional. 

Impact Of The Car Accident On Livelihood

Impact of the Car Accident on Livelihood 

Car accidents can lead to serious injuries that could impact your ability to earn a livelihood. In such cases, getting a lawyer on board to fight for your interests and get you the compensation you deserve is the best thing to do. After a car accident, insurance companies of the other parties involved try to persuade you into entering a settlement against your interests and typically will equal a small fraction of the compensation you deserve. A car accident lawyer has the experience and expertise to calculate the compensation you deserve depending on the money you spent on medical treatment and the loss of livelihood that the accident has caused. The legal experts take into consideration the different factors that are and will burden you in the future and help you get the rightful compensation. 

The Accident Involved Multiple Parties

Car accidents that involve three or more parties or vehicles translate to complicated or multiple lawsuits. You are likely to come under fire in these scenarios as you may face claims of being at fault even if it was a third party that was at fault. Other than vehicles involved in the accident, parties such as pedestrians, commercial property owners, and commercial entities may also get involved as a consequence of the damages caused due to the motor vehicle accident. 

For instance, the driver of a truck jumping a red light at an intersection can force you to pull the brakes and run into a store at the corner of the street, damaging it. Having a car accident lawyer at best means that the legal expert knows the intricacies involved and will work towards getting you the compensation you deserve while keeping your liabilities low. An attorney also becomes the channel for your communication with the lawyers and insurance companies of the other concerned parties. 

A Driver Involved in the Car Accident Was Uninsured

If any or all of the other parties involved in the accident do not have insurance, then you should contact a car accident lawyer straight away. Although most drivers are insured, this scenario can still manifest and result in huge losses for you. Most auto insurance policies include a clause for being involved in an accident with an uninsured motorist. However, the compensation given under the policy is only restricted to paying for the damages caused to the insured vehicle. It will hardly cover the medical expenses that go into treating the injuries caused due to the accident. With an expert car accident lawyer, you will be empowered enough to evaluate the different options at your disposal and choose the one which benefits you the most. 

Evidence Collection 

Evidence is key to proving your innocence and holding the other party accountable in court. You cannot stake a claim and demand compensation from the other party unless you have the evidence required to prove that they are guilty. Collection and analysis of evidence can be tricky and requires the assistance of a lawyer. Apart from physical evidence and witness testimonials, other important sources of evidence can be dashboard cameras and black boxes. This equipment provides visual and statistical reports of the vehicle, such as its speed or whether or not a party committed any traffic violations that caused the accident. A car accident lawyer will help you access this evidence by obtaining a court order to strengthen your case. 

Court Trials

Most car accident lawsuits resolve without going to a trial. You should consult a car accident lawyer to evaluate the settlement offer tabled by the insurance company. With an in-depth knowledge of the legal system, a car accident lawyer will help you evaluate the fairness of the settlement and any other of your rights or interests you may be giving up. If you still end up going to court, you should definitely have an attorney by your side to get the compensation you deserve. 

No Case or Compensation Payment Advancement

You are required to file a case within a specific period of time; usually, it is 2 years from the day of the car accident. This is known as the Statute of Limitations, a deadline after which you could not file a lawsuit to claim motor vehicle accident damages. Often insurance companies promise payments to victims but fail to do so until the deadline passes, deeming the case invalid. If the case has not advanced and you haven’t heard from the insurance company, you should contact a car accident attorney at the earliest to ensure you are complying with all the legal guidelines and procedures.

How to Find a Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer?

If you find yourself in any of the scenarios mentioned above, you should begin searching for an experienced car accident lawyer. The Legal Helpers platform is here to speed up the process for you. With an extensive network of a state-wide car accident and personal injury lawyers, the platform is the best place to find an attorney capable of handling complicated cases. All you need to do is submit the details of your case, and you will be connected to one of the best lawyers. So sign up with the Legal Helpers today and find legal assistance at your fingertips.

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