Do's and Don'ts for Whiplash Injuries
from Your Motor Vehicle Accident

Do's and Don'ts for Whiplash Injuries from Your Motor Vehicle Accident
Do’s and Don’ts for Whiplash Injury from Your Motor Vehicle Accident
July 6th, 2021

A sudden jolt of energy transfer to the neck results in severe head and neck injury, regarded as Whiplash injury. With a decreased sense of motion, tenderness, and stiffness, whiplash can be extremely painful, and it takes time for complete recovery. Typically, whiplash is a non-medical word used to describe the head and neck injuries suffered during a car accident. While mainly it occurs from a rear-end collision, it can also result from any motor vehicle crash on the roads.

How Is Whiplash Treatment Done?

Whiplash injury treatment

It is always recommended that you visit a doctor right after the accident so that your injuries can be marked out. Initially, in the first three months of the accident, also known as the acute and sub-acute phases, you will be treated with physical therapy and non-opioid pain medication. After this phase is over, you will be marked as a chronic patient, which is when the approach to treatment changes. In this phase, multidisciplinary pain management is the key! You can choose to join cognitive behavior therapy to handle sudden trigger pain better. It also helps you boost mental strength and hold patience for a longer time to recover from the injury.

3 Tips That Experts Have for You to Recover Faster From Whiplash Accidents

  • Consult with a physical therapist to book whiplash injury treatment sessions at home. Performing the exercises appropriately with a guide will help you reduce the stiffness in the neck. Also, such exercise will help the neck to regain the strength that it needs to hold your head straight and steady.
  • Keep a check on the bad posture habits you may have due to the movement you do for pain or reduced mobility. Specific postures might seem comforting during the pain, but they can add more pain and limit your mobility later if they aren’t scientific.
  • If you are working in an office, make sure you take regular breaks to walk around the office or over to your colleague’s desk. It will help your muscles achieve movement, and at the same time, it won’t stress or overuse them. Of course, taking too much physical stress is not recommended, but short walks and exercise are highly advisable for a speedy recovery.

Apart from these, here’s a list of things that whiplash injury treatment experts advise to stay away from for better recovery-

Avoid Driving

People want to get back to work after they have suffered from such injuries, which is fine if the injury is in the low-medium range. However, it is advised that you do not drive unless you can turn your neck to see the traffic around you. Depending solely on the rear mirrors can leave numerous blind spots for the driver. The last thing you would want is to be a part of another car accident while suffering from whiplash.

Wearing a Neck Brace

Most people prefer wearing a neck brace as it helps to reduce the pain significantly. On the flip side, wearing such a brace for prolonged periods can reduce the speed of recovery. It keeps the muscles stiff, and hence the time it takes to recover increases significantly. Try to keep the neck muscle free so that you can do minor movements to avoid stiffness.

Go Slow

In case of such personal injury, ask your doctor whether you should take time off from daily activities and know about the various whiplash exercises to avoid. If you get started with too much work too soon after your injury, there are chances that it may aggravate the pain and delay your recovery. Your doctor shall advise you of the various activities you can resume slowly, be sure to follow it wisely!

How Do You Prove a Whiplash Injury?

The most challenging part in the case of whiplash is to prove the injury, as it cannot be seen with the help of an X-ray or MRI scan. In addition, the at-fault person’s insurance company might claim that you are fabricating the pain and steer clear of paying any whiplash injury compensation. This is a reason why having a motor vehicle accident attorney is essential for the case. Right from proving your injury to recovering the claim amount from the insurance company, they take up the entire work so that you can focus on your health.

Searching for a trustworthy and experienced lawyer can be stressful when you are already down with whiplash. Here at The Legal Helpers, we will help you get connected with the best lawyers for your case, which will help you to get the deserved compensation.

We wish you a speedy recovery both financially and physically!

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